Emergency system for lone work

Protect your employees with CALIMA to ensure the best possible response to operational emergencies. With the emergency app for smartphones, your PNA-11 can be implemented quickly and easily.

This allows you to efficiently improve occupational safety in your company and comply with legal obligations when working alone.

Emergency system for working alone: smartphone as PED
Over 300 companies are already protecting their employees with CALIMA
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Dead man switch for smartphones

The modern personal emergency signal system to meet the legal obligations when working alone.

Emergency release from CALIMA

Emergency triggering

The CALIMA app is easy to use and offers your employees both manual and automatic triggers.

Illustration of the alarm


In the event of an emergency, the reporting chain is activated to alert the emergency contacts as quickly as possible and transmit all relevant information.

Map of a person alarm


The location of the emergency is quickly and accurately determined so that the person in distress can be found quickly.

Illustration of the Management Cloud


Administrators can flexibly manage all settings themselves in the dashboard and maintain an overview with reports and statistics.

Emergencies are unpredictable.
Be prepared.

Fast response times and effective alarm communication enable you to react in the best possible way in an emergency. Because in critical situations, every second counts to limit possible consequential damage and save lives.

Early first aid measures can shorten the length of hospital stays and reduce the costs of both medical treatment and possible pension benefits.


Minutes at most may elapse between the triggering of an alarm and the start of relief measures.

7 - 10%

the chances of survival
decrease at a rate of one cardiac arrest per minute.


occupational accidents were reported to the DGUV in Germany in 2021. Of these, 737 were fatal.

Employers are in the duty

According to DGUV Regulation 1 "Principles of Prevention", the employer(s) must ensure that the necessary help can be summoned immediately in the event of an emergency by means of signalling devices and organizational measures.

As this also applies to individual workplaces in particular, suitable measures must be taken. Among other things, this can be done by means of a personal emergency signaling system (PNA).

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"The protection of our employees is a top priority for us as a company. That's why we want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization. CALIMA is a user-friendly and intuitive product. We are convinced that we can use it to protect our employees in the best possible way.

Your advantages through CALIMA

Everything you need to help your employees get help quickly and effectively in an emergency and to fulfill your legal obligations as an employer.


Quick setup


Minimal investment costs

User acceptance

High user acceptance


High configurability

Standardized PNA

Standardized emergency signal system

Data protection according to GDPR

Data protection according to DSGVO


No monitoring


Reliable technology

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