Due to the shortage of skilled workers, automation and home office regulations, working alone is on the rise in all sectors. We would like to highlight a few sectors in which the use of CALIMA has become particularly established.

Lone work in the energy industry

Energy & Supply

Activities in energy companies and in the utilities industry, such as the maintenance of technical network infrastructure, are predominantly carried out by people working alone. Although occupational safety has improved thanks to modern protective equipment, there is still a risk of serious accidents.

Lone work in production

Production & Industry

Employees in the production industry often work alone, especially during the night shift or at weekends. There is a risk of accidents when handling machines and production systems, which can go unnoticed due to loud, narrow or hard-to-access areas

Lone work in social services

Social & Care

Employees in social institutions often work alone and are sometimes exposed to the risk of threats and violence when dealing with patients or clients. Despite the awareness of these challenges, cost pressure and a shortage of skilled workers mean that working alone remains unavoidable in many cases.

Lone work in logistics

Logistics & Transportation

In the logistics and transportation sector, employees often work in isolation, out of call and sight of colleagues. This way of working, combined with the handling of machines such as forklift trucks, pallet trucks and conveyor belts, poses a considerable risk potential.

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Discover why leading companies choose to protect their lone workers. CALIMA offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of lone worker protection.

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