Features of the emergency system

CALIMA transforms the smartphone of your employees into a personal emergency signal device that provides manual and automatic triggers for personal alarms. In the event of an emergency, the relevant data, including location, is transmitted to the company's emergency contacts.

Emergency triggering

The CALIMA app is easy to use and enables your employees to trigger alarms at will and independently of their own will in order to quickly request help in any situation.

Pre-alarm of the CALIMA App

Manual trigger

Via the app, the widget and the Bluetooth button, your employees can request help in emergency situations at any time in a matter of seconds.


Time alarm (dead man detector)

The well-being of those working alone is checked regularly. If an employee does not react, an alarm is automatically triggered after a pre-alarm.


Accident detection

The sensors in the smartphone automatically detect a fall or immobility of the employee and trigger the alarm after a pre-alarm.


Technical alarm

Visual and acoustic signal that alerts the employee in the event of a malfunction, such as a lack of Internet connection.



Before the alarm is triggered, employees are informed by a visual and acoustic signal and can cancel the triggering during this time. In this way, false alarms can be avoided.


Silent alarm

In the event of a threatening situation at the workplace (e.g., caused by aggressive patients), the silent alarm can be used to call for help unnoticed. This alarm is not audible and can therefore be triggered inconspicuously.


Bluetooth emergency button

To enable your lone workers to call for help even faster and more inconspicuously, you can connect the optionally available emergency button.


Smartphone button for quick access

Rugged special smartphones such as the Samsung Xcover 5S are suitable for particularly demanding activities. Thanks to the integrated XCover button, help can be called quickly with just one press of a button.


Emergency contacts receive the alarm within a few seconds via call, SMS and e-mail. They can then immediately retrieve all relevant data on the emergency and the employee. In the event of an emergency, the predefined message chain is activated to alert the emergency contacts as quickly as possible and transmit all relevant information.

Infographic of the alerting by means of message chain

Flexible communication channels

The stored emergency contacts can be notified either by phone call, SMS or e-mail. All relevant information on the emergency, including the location, can be accessed via a link.


Configurable escalation levels

Through several escalation levels, triggered personal alarms are escalated according to the reporting chain. This ensures that no emergency goes unnoticed.


Loud alarm sound on smartphone

Finding an unconscious person is simplified by acoustic signaling. Through special authorizations in Android and iOS, CALIMA can alert at full volume even on muted smartphones.


Internal and external emergency contacts

Alert internal company emergency contacts such as the on-call service or plant security. Or optionally activate our professional emergency call and service control center.

Emergency call and service control center

If necessary, our certified emergency call and service control center (NSL) can answer the emergency calls of your employees around the clock and, if necessary, alert local emergency services.

In the event of a personal alarm, qualified specialists will initiate the action plan agreed with you. To ensure the highest level of quality, our emergency call and service control center is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Indoor and outdoor positioning

In an emergency, the exact location of the employee is determined within seconds. The combination of all available positioning technologies enables precise positioning so that first responders and rescue forces can be guided quickly to the emergency.


Outdoor positioning through GPS

Positioning via GPS satellites offers good accuracy, especially for outdoor use, and is available on almost all smartphones. The position is determined by measuring the signal runtimes to the satellites.


Outdoor positioning via mobile radio

Cellular triangulation uses signal data from cellular towers to determine location by calculating the intersection of the signal radii emanating from the towers.


Indoor location via location beacons

If you need precise emergency location indoors, you can benefit from our innovative localization via Bluetooth location beacons. These small transmitters have a battery life of over 5 years and can be attached by yourself.


Indoor location via WLAN

If you already have a reliable network of multiple WiFi AccessPoints, you can import your WLAN infrastructure via the CALIMA Dashboard and thus enable tracking without satellite reception without additional hardware.


Through the web-based dashboard, you can make individual settings on your own and get certainty about the correct use of the emergency system.


Independent facility

You can set up the system and manage your employees autonomously without installation via the cloud directly via web browser.


Configurable message chain

Group locations, departments or shifts into different teams and thus implement team-specific emergency contacts and reporting chains.


Detailed statistics

A dashboard lets you keep track of alerts triggered, the current status of implementation within teams, and regular usage at all times.


Usage reminders

With automatic push notifications on specified days of the week and times, you can regularly remind your employees to use the app.

Advantages compared to a hardware solution


Quick setup

The cloud infrastructure means no IT integration is required and you can implement CALIMA in a matter of hours.


Minimal investment costs

No hardware investment is required, as CALIMA is installed on employees' existing smartphones.

User acceptance

High user acceptance

By installing it as an app on your smartphone, your employees do not need to carry any additional devices with them.


High configurability

A wide range of setting options allow you to adapt to the individual requirements of your company.

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Recommended by works councils

Standardized PNA

Standardized personal emergency signal system

Our solution developed in accordance with DGUV regulation 112-139 (previously BGR/GUV-R 139) and the regulations of DIN VDE V 0825-11.

Data protection according to GDPR

Data protection according to DSGVO

The processing of data takes place exclusively for the provision of the service and in accordance with the DSGVO.


No monitoring of the employees

The location of the employees cannot be viewed in the normal state. This is only transmitted to the authorized persons in the event of an emergency.


Reliable digital technology

Thanks to the reliability of the sensor components, which has been proven a million times over, smartphones are being used more and more frequently in safety-relevant areas.

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