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Transparent. Human. Innovative.

Our vision is a digital safety standard in occupational health and safety that creates a safe and future-oriented working environment for everyone.

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‍Itis our mission to protect employees with smart technologies, thereby increasing their personal safety and strengthening their sense of security.

Behind the young Berlin-based company CALIMA is a highly motivated team of 15 dedicated individuals. We are proud to have created a collaborative working environment in which expertise and experience flow together. This makes CALIMA a leading software provider in the industry.

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As a remote-first team, we use the advantages of modern technology to work together efficiently and flexibly. Our corporate culture is based on trust, respect and teamwork.

In our dynamic environment, all team members have the opportunity to constantly learn, take on new challenges and grow both professionally and personally.

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CALIMA Safety GmbH was founded in April 2021 by Tim Hautkappe, Katharina Hochmuth and Michael Zerbin. When CALIMA was founded, the founders already had experience with digital safety technologies. Since 2014, they have been using the "KommGutHeim" app to make women feel safer when they are out and about.


The idea for CALIMA was born out of the increasing demand from companies as to whether this app can also be used for the safety of their employees. The focus is on the target group of the 8.5 million lone workers in Germany.

Lone working refers to activities that take place outside the call and sight range of other people. In emergency situations such as accidents, attacks or medical emergencies, employees are dependent on timely assistance.

Many companies have struggled to find an effective and affordable solution to ensure the emergency chain. CALIMA has closed this gap with a digital, intuitive and cost-effective emergency system.

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Our values



We create space for new ideas and work on future-oriented solutions to fully exploit the potential of modern technologies.


CALIMA means smoothly functioning technology and continuous quality improvement through up-to-date standards and safe working practices.


We value open communication, both internally and externally, and attach great importance to honesty with regard to our strengths and weaknesses.


Our aim is to achieve maximum results with minimum use of resources. We achieve this through data-based decisions and simple processes.


We promote a work culture of appreciation by actively responding to the needs of employees and customers.